How to fake your telephone number caller id (beginner)

Published: 31st March 2009
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Looking for caller ID tips and tricks? Here you'll find information on how to change the caller ID number that is displayed on other peoples telephones that you call......without them knowing.

It's called caller ID spoofing and everyone from credit card companies to small businesses are now faking their caller ID number. In fact, it's so easy to fake your caller ID nowadays that even kids are using fake caller ID services when making prank phone calls so their real identity and location remain hidden.

At the time of this article, it's completely legal to change the caller ID number that would normally show up on a dialed parties's caller ID box. There are a few ways that can make the process of faking caller ID numbers a very illegal one. For example you can't use a caller ID spoofing service in a way that causes or results in an attempt to deceive or attempt fraud or theft as a result of the call.

Why use SpoofCard to fake caller ID?

Using a spoofing service to fake your caller ID can be used for good things too. Law enforcement and private investigators say the ability to change caller ID has protected agents from being discovered in undercover operations. I've also heard of parents learning how to change their caller ID number to display as the local police when calling their children's phone in an attempt to scare them so they'll quit whatever drugs they're on.

Just about anyone with access to a telephone and a little old-fashioned patience can spoof their phone number (fake caller ID number). The easiest and fastest way to fake your caller is by using a spoofing service. Changing your caller ID can be easily accomplished with the help of SpoofCard, you'll soon realize that SpoofCard makes a great gift for yourself or for someone else.

How to fake your caller ID with SpoofCard

Spoofcard will first issue you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access your account. Write this number down along with Spoofcard's toll-free 1-800 number and you're ready to begin changing your caller ID.

First, dial the calling card number and key in your PIN. The voice operated service will ask you to dial the number you wish to call and then to dial the number you wish to appear on the receiver's caller ID. Make sure you follow up your fake caller ID number with the pound sign which will start the call. Caller ID faking is really simple and that's why so many people use this technology.

If the power to have any number appear on the caller ID in the world show up as your caller ID number weren't enough, every SpoofCard comes packed with the most interesting calling card features I've ever seen.

    • Voice Changer - sound like a man or women

    • Call Recording - choose to record your call as an .mp3

    • Download your recorded calls as .mp3s to your PC

    • Work with your calls via a web control panel

    • Works from payphones, home phones, or cellphones

Getting SpoofCard to fake your caller ID

More information about changing caller ID numbers with Spoofcard can be found online at the Spoofcard website. The steps to change the number displayed on the caller ID of people you call is really easy to learn and can be very entertaining when used in a legal way. You should never use the technology of faking your caller ID in a way that causes harm towards other people.

You can even test out how Spoof Card works for yourself. What's even better is that you can try SpoofCard for FREE!

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